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Fletcher's Treehouse

I started building my treehouse in June, 1996(7th Grade). As of July, 2001, the treehouse has been slated for removal. My parents do not want my beautiful piece of architecture left behind when I go to college in September. Many friends including Ben have helped me build this treehouse over the years. The treehouse shows my skill level advance through its various additions.



The treehouse consists of three main platforms, we'll call them base, lower and upper. The lower platform was the first to be built, and was about 4'x3', and later I added a 1'x2' piece, this platform is 15' off of the ground. The base platform was built with the intention of some kind of stairs or ladder being built up to the lower platform. Tip: if you are not going to live in your treehouse, don't build stairs. I prefer an aluminum expansion ladder, but I also have this 65' fire ladder made from nylon webbing and aluminum rungs.

The Upper platform is about 7'x8' and is the newest addition.

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