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Fletcher's SpudGun

a.k.a. Starch Resource Deployment Facilitator or Kartoffelkanone

Disclaimer: Please be cautious when building and shooting spudguns, they are very dangerous and should be used for
recreational purposes only. I am not responsibile for what you do with the information on this page!

Background Details

I started this project in the fall of 2000. The gun is 12' long and it uses piston/quick exhaust valve technology with compressed air. I am constantly adding or upgrading parts to improve it's performance.

If you want to build a spudgun, the links below will get you started.
The site where spudgun technology comes from

Another good spudgun technology site

Links to other major spudgun tech pages

The pages show detailed plans and photos for my spudgun


Valves, gauge, the business end

General assembly (coming soon)

parts list (partial)


Spudgun Video  

A 40 psi shot at Barney.

Quicktime (256Kb)




01/25/02 I ran a couple of successful test shots at 80 psi, in addition to tweaking the piston.

11/24/01 I've attached the new coupler and adapter.

06/11/01 In order to fix my gun's two main leaks, I have decided to cut off the leaky adapter and get a new one.

05/03/01 My Spudgun failed me when I tried to shoot it at the sailing party. I am replacing the electric valve with a manual one for simplicity's sake.

03/25/01 I made a video of a 40 psi shot, but the piston was leaking.

03/17/01 I "finished" my spudgun!

02/01 I bought an air pressure guage, and am using a piece of rubber air hose(fig. 4) to attach it, to protect it from physical and pressure shock.

01/24 - I came up with a new piston design, it uses a rubber stopper instead of a diaphragm, and a check valve inside.


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