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While studying the Beat Generation of the 1950's, my teacher had the class write a poem, entitled, America. He told us to sit down and just write a poem about America, describing it. Afterward, He showed us Allen Ginsberg's America. Here is my poem:


America by Fletcher Boland

hard-core black welfare mothers with hoards of illegitimate children
"inner city"

industrial might
industrial waste

A garden of decaying pickup trucks on a hillside
Federal helicopters cutting down someone's livelihood

Those flowers are so pretty, lets go pick some!
Those flowers are so pretty, lets kill them!

A square peg in a round hole works better.
Americans do not realize how lucky they are to have a septic tank even if it is broken.

X -the many meanings of
most don't even know

Tom Joad
or the Cosby show

"25% of the population of the United States speaks Spanish"
fascist cults

abuse the elderly
pain for mentally ill

Is the US Government Nazis?
Remember the red man, white man!
Damn immigrants!

kill to preserve
preserve to kill again

the master switch is useless

unfortunate despair
never-ending hardship

the ants
the poor
the stratosphere
the bill and melinda gates foundation

Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School


Allen Ginsberg's America (The Original)


I have also written a parody of Ginsberg's Howl

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