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The Dance  Sculpture detail

Artist's Statement
December 2nd, 2004

Yacht designers and sail makers have long struggled with making their respective lines the fastest. The natural wave that forms around a sailboat hull as it cuts through the water has intrigued me for quite some time. Every hull has a predetermined hull speed, set by the designer from which the boat cannot escape unless planning. The boat is trapped in a single wave the length of the hull at its waterline, restricting its speed. When looking carefully at photographs, this phenomenon is simple to spot.

Over time, designers are constantly making adjustments to increase their crafts’ performance potential. This abstraction is based in classic yachts like Nathaniel Herreshoff’s 1903 Reliance. The enormous sail area, extreme angles, and overhanging spars served as basis for the sculptural depiction of a yachting tradition. The sheer, clean, and pure characteristics of the aluminum emphasize the search for an aesthetic of perfection in boat design. This design was revolutionary in its day and is currently sparking renewed interest among sailors



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