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Jefferson Landscape

I created these designs for a project in my Landscape Architecture class. The goal was to redesign a portion of Wheaton's Campus in the style of Thomas Jefferson. The major renovations include a new façade for the Meadows Residence Hall, a brick serpentine walk connecting upper and lower campuses, the creation of a new student center/classrooms/office building, and two Jeffersonian gardens. Read the pdf description for complete details.

Plan - The redesign of Wheaton's Lower Campus

Detail 1 - A Jeffersonian garden
Detail 2 - Patio area and another TJ garden
Elevation - Current dorms given a TJ facelift

Description of the redesign (.pdf)

The current campus map

Jefferson was an accomplished architect who was extremely influential in bringing the Neo-Palladian style to the United States. The style was associated with Enlightenment ideas of republican civic virtue and political liberty. Jefferson designed his famous home, Monticello, near Charlottesville, Virginia; it included many innovative, new to America designs and a number of convenient devices invented by Jefferson. In addition to Monticello, Jefferson's design of the University of Virgina Campus provided much inspiration for this project.

Jefferson is also credited with the architectural design of the Virginia State Capitol building, which was modeled after the Maison Carrée at Nîmes in southern France, an ancient Roman temple. Jefferson's buildings helped initiate the ensuing American fashion for Federal style architecture.

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