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Big Island Driving Times

Approximate Driving Times and the reason they call it the Big Island. (It is about the size of Connecticut)

Hilo to Volcanoes:  35-45 minutes
Volcanoes to Punalu’u: 35-45 minutes
Punalu’u to South Point:   45 minutes (dirt road)
Punalu’u to Kailua/Kona: 1.5 hours
Kailua/Kona to Spencer:   50 minutes
Lapahoehoe to Spencer   2 hrs
Spencer to Waimea:     35 minutes
Spencer to Laupahoehoe:      1.5 hours
Laupahoehoe to Waipi’o: 50 minutes
Hilo to Kailua/Kona:   3 hours
Kona (Sailing) to Laupahoehoe: 1 :45 min
Punalu’u to Kona Sailing: 2 hours+

Basic Driving map of the Big Island

road map of the big island, Hawaii



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